To make snake and ladder board game using fractional numbers,:------- 1. Take a board and make a 10×10 grid on it draw 7 ladders at different places and after that draw 10 snakes at diferent places. 3. Instead of writing whole numbers 1,2,3.... write fractions like 1/2...... Overall extend this till 50 and an amazing board game is ready!
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The method is same like simple Snake and Ladder.
Take a square board [ prefer board of 10 * 10 inches ]
Make grid of 10 by 10 on it.
Make seven snakes and seven ladders on it.
Dont write natural numbers that is 1,2,3,4,5.....
Write fractions i.e. 1/1,2/1 ec. [ actually it is same just write 1 as denominator.]
And your snake and lader game is ready to play...