I guess you wanted to know the deficiency disease for vit.a & b.
vit a deficiency:nyctalopia(night blindness),xeropthalmia
vit b1 deficiency:beri beri
vit b2 deficiency:dermatitis,pharyngitis
vit b3 deficiency:pellagra,insomnia
vit b6 deficiency:sideroblastic anaemia,conjunctivitis
vit b7 deficiency:neurological disorders
vit b9 deficiency:macrocytic anaemia
vit b12 deficiency:pernicious anaemia
if u knew the answer,why did u ask the qs.....n moreover,there's no such vitamin as vit needs to b categorised....
i would like to ask questions to others
tora is right vit b needs to be categorised and what you answer's are diseases caused by deficiencies of vit a and b and we answer's only that OK
i want only1 example
if you want only one then plz write there
The diseases which are caused by the deficiencies of vitamin a andb are-
vitamin a-night blindness and xerophthalmia
vitamin b1-beriberi
'' b2-irritation in eyes and the skin,inflammation of the tongue.
'' b3-pellagra
'' b5- fatigue 
'' b6-skin problems,nerve disorder
'' b11-anaemia
'' b12-pernicious anaemia