In our life we need mainly water, food, shelter

water is more precious than diamond

we cannot live without water

on earth there is just 1 present of water

there is 67.8 present of water as ice

if they melt sea water level rises and we all will die

so we have to use 1 present of water without wasting!!!!!!!

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Save Water !  Save Human Race !
Every Drop Counts !
Waste Water is Wasting some one's Future !

Jal  hai  to  Kal  hai
Save Water,  Water will Save your Future !
Use Water with caution, We do not want Water to be supplied as Ration !
Shout Save Water Slogan,  Wake up Wakeup entire Nation !

Let's Retain India Green with Trees and Blue with Water, not Degrade to a Desert !
Keep Waters Clean !  Do not be Mean !
Rich or Poor , Water is the Same, Save Water !
Stop Polluting Water, Be a Life Saver !

I still remember I studied in my school,  People, Plants and Animals need Air and Water !  I hope you remember too !

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