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You want to know which gadgets are influencing human relations these days.

1.  Cell phones are influencing our relations with family members, friends, colleagues, bosses, media persons, police etc.  They have a highly positive influence in bringing people together and bind together.  There is also a problem that excessive use of cell phones leads to communication gap between family members who live in the same house.

2.  TV has influenced human relations a lot in the negative way.  Many people, especially housewives and children watch a lot of TV by themselves.  So they avoid regular interactions with friends, and other members of family. 

3. There are many gadgets for taking pictures, listening to music, security etc.  When these are used in limited way, they do not influence our relations with near and dear a lot.  Often people share their experiences and pictures with friends and family to keep in touch with them.  Social networking sites are allowing people to share, often some persons spend too much time and post too many things. 

4.  Laptops, gaming gadgets make one addicted to them.  People work a lot on computer and that reduces their direct personal communication ability and opportunity.  Games when played a lot deteriorates one's interpersonal communication.

5. These days, children probably like their parents when they give them latest gadgets.  Not buying them can make their relations weaken a bit.
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