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I am writing some important points.  Please develop that into an essay.

   Environment is the surroundings around us. It includes the trees, plants, atmosphere, animals, mineral resources, water bodies, lands, mountains, valleys etc. that are around us.  Of these, trees play an important role in our lives.

      Trees are our best friends on the Earth.  We just cannot continue to live on Earth if there are no trees around us.  All we do for the trees is that we give them a little land and some water.  They return that favour by giving us life and much more every day.   Even when trees are dead, they are useful to us.

     We need to grow more trees to make our surroundings better and to compensate for the deforestation and reducing effects of air pollution.  To better our individual and social health we need to grow more trees.  Planting trees is not very expensive.  However, plants need water regularly for the initial some months.   We need to protect the small plants from freely roaming animals.

    There are many voluntary organizations in the world for encouraging plantations and to make protests when forests are destroyed. 

1.  Plants and trees are beautiful.  The environment looks green, fresh, lively and energetic.  Plants and trees are an inspiration to all. Many rich people have gardens and trees in their residential compounds.

2.  Plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into air.  Hence the percentage of pollution in the atmosphere gets reduced and purity increases.  Man still lives on Earth today because of this.

3.  Trees hold the terrain strongly.  The roots of plants and trees go deep into the Earth and hold the part of Earth together strongly.  Otherwise, the sand, mud get washed away by rains or blown away by winds.

4.  Trees reduce sound pollution, by absorbing (in leaves) some of the sound energy and reducing the intensity of sound waves.

5.  Trees give shelter to the birds and other animals and insects.  They play an important part in maintaining the bio-diversity on Earth.  Millions of species live in forests and vegetated regions.

6.  If there are no plants and trees, all the herbivores will die.  Then the ecosystem balance on the Earth will be upset totally.  The carnivores have nothing to eat.  So they die.  Then people will no more have meat to eat.

7.  Trees on both sides of roads, keeps the roads cool during hot weather.  This is advantageous for many travellers.

8.  Trees absorb Sun light and heat.  So Earth remains cooler.

9.  Every vegetable or fruit we eat comes from plants and trees.  Eating fruits and vegetables is essential for the body as our organs get proper vitamins and minerals from them.  Now vegetables and fruits are a big business.

10.  We need flowers for decoration of houses and vehicles, or for offering prayers to God.

11. When women wear flowers on their hair, they look so beautiful.  Flowers give such a nice scent too.  Many perfumes are made from plants.

12.  Trees give essential materials like paper, glue without which education and authoritative communication among people are very difficult.  Trees give us rubber, gum and medicinal substances.  Wood used in furniture comes from trees.  Coffee, green herbs and Tea comes from plants.  So, most of the people drink them have to thank plants.

13. Trees form important residential areas for tribal people.  In villages people use palm tree leaves for making their huts cheaply.

14. Trees and forests have been depicted as Gods in mythologies.  There are many fairy tales and poems written on forests, nature, and trees.  Trees indirectly form a source of inspiration and subject for writing.

15.  Science of plants - botany - offers many careers to many people.  Advanced research in GMO, genertically modified substances promises benefits to humanity.

16.  Dead plants and animal remains slowly decompose and form fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are the main sources of energy to run any thing on Earth.

  Animals need protection and feeding. But trees live, die, and propagate all by themselves without human intervention. They are like our mother, who always helps us and wants to see us prosperous.

  In many countries, cutting (felling ) of trees is done in such a way that an equal number of trees are grown in another area.  Thus the total number of trees used for housing and furniture are maintained constant in forests.  This is organized by the government agencies.  In India Dept. of Forests manages vegetation in protected areas.  Municipal bodies in each town takes care of plantations in the local area.

  India is fortunate to have a lot of forest area. India is home for special wood like teak, scented wood and colorful redwood. There is a lot of revenue from them.

  Thus plants are helpful to all living organisms. They are essential part of our ecosystem in maintaining its balance. Nowadays people are growing gardens on the roofs of apartment buildings too. Trees are our source of survival on Earth. It is our duty to be part of Saving Vegetation, if we want our great great grandchildren to live happily.
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