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The collector should concentrate himself on a certain area. Areas of collecting can be countries, regions, cities, epochs in time, rulers and all sorts of different themes. Coins will nit become more valuable through cleaning and manipulation. The natural expressiveness is lost; the matte relief becomes shiny or fine details are polished away. The coin loses the original value for the collector.
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Ancient coins are often neglected by coin collectors because they believe they must be very rare, too expensive to collect, and too difficult to understand. While some ancient coins are rare, many are very common. The most famous cities and rulers of the ancient world struck coins in great quantities. Coins of Athens, Corinth, and Rome and of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and Hadrian, for example, are common. Many are less expensive than collectible modern coins. Some late Roman bronze coins can be purchased for as little as a few dollars each. Anyone can appreciate ancient coins and quickly learn the basics of collecting them. Ancient coins are historically interesting, artistic and obtainable at reasonable prices. hope it will help u if yes then make it the best
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