Mass(m) = 5.74g
volume(v) = 1.2cm³

Density = m/v
            = 5.74/1.2 g/cm³
            = 574/120 g/cm³
            = 4.78333 g/cm³
            = 4783333.33 kg/m³

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Density = mass/volume ⇒5.74 /1.2 = 4.7833333333333333333....
⇒using laws of significant figures we have to consider the number with less significant figure here it is 1.2 which has 2 significant figures 
⇒4.8 gm/cm³
NOTE :      my answer may be different if the answer in the book  as the dimension the quantity may be different i.e. instead of the answer in dimension gm/cm³ it is given in kg/m³.it will help you.