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Students should be graceful in every aspect. Be it study, behaviour or discipline. Most of all, what matters is that how much well-mannered a student is. That is not so easy. In the society, lies both good and evil. But, most of the students become attracted to the evil things. 

As per the Islamic belief - "The evil devours the mind as fire devours firewoods."

Yes, it is every bit true. Evil is so powerful, itself, that it turn the best of the people into the worst ones. But, if one, no matter student or not, can keep himself away from all evil present in the society; the Almighty will surely help that person.

Now, lets go into direct issue. How can a student get rid of the evil problems that still exist in our society?

Before answering this question, I would like to give some concrete examples of the evils that might be present in a society:

While going in the way to school, students are being teased by some gangsters.
Students are being falsely accused by others and some also beaten in cases.

Ok, so such problems could exist in the society. Students may also form friends with the gangsters and learn all sorts of evil things. Another type of evil thing is that when the students see that others are falsely accusing him/her then, he/she will also start doing that.  

The solution to all such problem is -


Yes, we should just take action against such evils. We should tell all this to the elders and they will take necessary steps.

-> We should inform the school authority. If necessary, we could also go to the police. We should take steps against the evil people of the society. We should also contact the councilor or chairperson of the place.


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