Global Warming is an event that describes the constant warming of the earth. It is a severe problem - a climatic change.  What happens in Global Warming?
 The heat from the sun comes to the Earth's surface while the process, some heat is reflected away and some heat is absorbed by certain gases in the lower part of the Earth's atmosphere. This process is called the Greenhouse effect. The sun's heat contains harmful rays called UV(UltraViolet) rays, thatswhy, for protection - the Earth's atmosphere has a UV ray blocking layer called the Ozone layer. But, nowadays, because of us - humans, the ozone layer is slowly getting depleted. As the ozone layer depletes, it allows UV rays to gets into the earth, causing different problems for the environment. One such big problem is the increase of heat(Global Warming) that results in melting of the poles, and change in weather and