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   Before TV got very popular with a number of channels in regional languages, people  had not much to see on the TV.  Most of the persons did not like the programs a lot.  So they found some work to do outside the house, some book to read or interacted with friends and relatives as often as they could.

   In the last two decades a lot of advancement and development has taken place.  So people have found a lot of things to do for themselves.  Friends and known people are well separated by distances.  Meanwhile gadgets, means of entertainment have improved a lot.  Often the hardships one faces out in world, makes a person to sit and relax while watching TV  in a cool manner.  Slowly interesting programs made the people addicted to the box.

   TV has influenced human relations a lot in the negative way.  Many people, especially housewives and children watch a lot of TV by themselves.  So they avoid regular interactions with friends, and other members of family.  If there is one TV at home in the common room, and different members of a family want to watch different programs at the same time, it is not possible.  So family members may develop feelings against each other.

   It is possible that one is not allowed watching TV because another member of family has examinations and the sound is disturbing.  So new variety of likes and dislikes arise among family members.  It is often becomes a dispute between a wife and husband too.  However, when a program that every one likes is on air, then all people like to watch together and become very cooperative with each other.  Often one feels the National Integration movement being realized through TV programs.

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