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   Technology is application of science, mathematics and other knowledge we have to build some practical appliance or tool that helps building products.

   It can be a new concept, or a new method that is used for making something possible that was not possible before.  Or, some benefits are achieved at a lower cost.  Every invention has a new technology embedded in it.

   Long ago we had fans made of palm leaves and we had to swing the fan ourselves.  Later we had electrical fans.  Now there are Air Coolers of different types such as water cooler, desertt cooler, window AC and split AC.  These are all made of different technologies and function differently with different efficiencies, requirements, benefits, inconveniences and conveniences.

   It is the technology that made our social life very different from earlier.  Human society has changed totally.  Human relations and inter personal communications have changed due to technologies that have facilitated them.  Like phones and cell phones changed the way people do their work, and communicate with their friends and relatives.

   The technology has changed the way people travel according to their convenience. Technologies of using computers for different purposes have created new jobs, new methods of social learning, teaching, publicity, policing and so on.

   Information technology has changed every one’s life in today’s world.  The web Internet has made information accessible from anywhere.  Long ago, information was sent in person, through written letters, by pigeons, electronic telegraphs, telephones etc.  Now there is the power of technology in every one’s palms in the form of cell phones and other gadgets.
   Nowadays people are always looking keenly for the next generation technologies and are ready to adapt to them.  So now people are driving new technologies, and in turn they are changing the way people live This cycle continues on and on.

    It is beneficial to the children as well.  Collaborative learning using latest technologies is picking up.  It makes children more scientific, helpful, self reliant, develop continuous learning skills and mature quicker.  I love technologists, and would love to be a pioneer of a technology.
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