Q.1) A
Q.2) D
Q.3) B
Q.4) B
Q.5) A
Q.6) C
Q.7) A
Q.8)  A
Q.10) B
I am not exactly sure about question 3,6 and 8.
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answer are 
q1 i think it is (a)shaheen washed the cloth.
Q2 it is (d) pour
Q3 it is(b) the pink coloured frok
Q4  it should be (c) but i am confused i am little bit confused in{as one sentance can form i.e this is not bad to have a pet in house}
Q5 it should be (a) he the toy broke
Q6 itshould be (c) {one sentance can form as she is swimming in the swimming pool}
Q7 it should be (d){one sentance can be form many people in the worid are illetrate}
Q8it should be(c)
Q9 it should be(d was given)
Q10 it should be(b)

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