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> A leaf is an organ of a plant. In most plants, leaves are the major site of food production for the plant. 
> Food means any nutritious substance that living things eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.
> Trees need stored starch to carry on normal functionss, especially to break dormancy in temperate trees.
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1)What is leaves?
Ans-The leaf is a part of the plant that is charge of making food for the plant. This food making process is called photosynthesis.

2)What is food?
Food is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

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3)What is starch?
Ans-Starch is an odourless, tasteless white substance occurring widely in plant tissue and obtained chiefly from cereals and potatoes. It is a polysaccharide which functions as a carbohydrate store and is an important constituent of the human diet.

4)What is tree?
Ans-A tree is
a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.

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