Antonio was a rich mechant from Venice.he was a good,noble and harwaoking man.He cared for others and always helped people in trouble.He lent money to people without charging them any interest.He loved his friend Bassanio very much and always helped him out with money.
On the other hand, bassanio was a prodigal man.He wasted money on useless things.He loved Antonio also,we come to know this in the third act,when on hearing that Antonio has been sent to prison for not paying the debt back on time.Also,Bassanio asks Antoinio for three thousand ducats so that he can go to Belmont to woo Portia,the rich heiress of Belmont.Antonio is so selfless that he becomes a guaranteer for Bassanio and falls into the evil clutches of Shylock,the evil jew(villian of thye drama).Hope i helped u:).... 
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