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  Friction has been reduced and hence the energy loss due to friction by inventing new designs, techniques and materials over decades and centuries.

1.  Coolant liquids are used to reduce temperature and heat energy loss due to friction.  Coolants absorb heat very quickly and cool down surfaces in contact.  They form a smooth, slipping layer between the surfaces.

2. Friction is reduced by applying slippery, grease, oil, lubricant between the sliding surfaces.  So contact between objects becomes smooth.  Glycol based lubricants have very little friction.

3.  Sliding frictions is reduced to rolling friction.  This is done by redesigning the moving parts.   Parts like ball bearing and freedom to move in 3 dimensions is applied.  They are made of thermoplastic materials.

4.  Surfaces which move relative to each other are designed to be smooth and clean.  Rough surfaces have higher friction.  

5.  Rust and other oxide deposits on metals increase friction.  So materials are kept protected from rusting by suitable means.

6.  Choose surfaces and materials that have less friction coefficients.  Teflon materials usually have very little friction.  Metal composites of Aluminum, Magnesium, Boron have small friction. Graphite materials have less sliding friction.

7.  Coefficient of friction changes with temperature (at high speeds the temperatures of surfaces increases and friction increases).  So design takes care of this aspect.

8. Many factories or machines use pulleys and belts wrapped around them.  To change the friction and the belt slipping on rolling pulleys or wheels, the belts are wrapped around the pulleys multiple times.

9. Dithering (vibration or oscillation) technique is used where possible.

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