Freedom can be defined as complete independene or non attachment. Now the basic necessities of a human being are food, shelter and clothing. it is not possible for a human being to gather his own food. say by hunting, picking fruits or even farming. he needs manpower to do it. moreover he will have to cut trees and make his own house. also he needs to gather leaves barks to make clothing for himself. As you see leading a prehistoric life in solidarity is very diffy in itself so living a life an advanced as today's will be many more times difficult. even early man knew this and lived in groups. the concept of family comes from this very thing. if I don't marry and have kids I become the last one of my race and my species will ultimately get depleted. furthermore I will have no security of any kind, no one will be there to take care of me when I am I'll and the scope of development will be highly diminished. feelings like love kindness sympathy will never be born. this form of existence is both impossible and unacceptable. thus the freedom of an individual is a myth.

hope I could help