Write a dialogue between you and your friend (in about 10 turns) 20Discuss the rights of all animals to live with dignity and safety. You may talk about anyanimal, for instance how horses are often forced to pull carriages when too old andunwell or about the ill-treatment often meted out to street dogs.ORYou notice that your friend has a habit of littering on the street. You want to politely tellher that such behaviour is unacceptable. You may also mention the swach bharatabhiyaan campaign.




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Here raghav is used by me as my friend

I- hi raghav how are you?
RAGHAV- i am fine how are you?
I- i am also fine
RAGHAV- hey do you know today i was reading the newspaper and came upon an article which said animal treated badly
I- i too read it and became very angry that why animals are mistreated
RAGHAV- hey let's organize a campaign of we all friends to save animals
I- ya you are right we should
RAGHAV- like horses are used to pull cariages, bulls to pull carts
I- there should be a punishment by the government for the one who mistreates animals
RAGHAV- ya let's assemble at the park at evening and let's see what we can do
I- ok bye let's meet at evening
RAGHAV- ok bye let us meet in park
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