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Charles_dickens is the writer
sorry i cudnt write the answer proprly as dey said i ws usin swear words wen i wsnt!! anyway wen u write the writer's name dnt put the dash in between like i hav put it.
i jus put dat der so dat i cud post my answr
Hey y did u report my answer??? I hav already explained in my comments da reason dat i ws unable to write it in a proper manner ws cuz dis site ws showin dat we wer usin swearwords wen i ws answerin!! And if u reported my ans y dint u report the second ans too?? Dats very unfair ...dnt u think so??!!
And wht additional info do u need man!!!
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Charles.D is the writer of the great Oliver Twist.It was published in 1837.
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I hope you know the full form of "D".I could not write it here,it comes like I am using SWEAR words.. =)
Thanks a looot buddy..!! =)