Customer (Miss Braganza) - Arre Ram, I gave you one hundred rupees. The packet is of fifty rupees right? Ram (Grocer) - Madam, who cares, next time you will buy something, you will get a fifty rupee discount. Miss Braganza - Okay, but I need my fifty rupees back next time. Next times .. Customer - Here I am Ram, I want to buy another fifty rupee sachet. It is free, I think. Ram - No madam, of course it is not free. What is so unique that I should give this to you for free. What have you done? Customer - Ram, have you forgotten already? Last time's incident. Do you not remember the fifty rupees you took from me cunningly. Now it is time I Get that back. Ram - Madam, you must have misheard me, I said fifty percent. Which means half of the price. So, that is twenty five madam. Customer - You must be thinking you to be the only cunning person around here. But you happen to be wrong. I have recorded your statement. I knew you would con your way out. (Saying this she played a recording that proved what Ram had said. Many people had gathered, so Ram relented and gave back the money.)