Here comes one of the most festive celebrations of St. Teresa's! Annual Day! Its on the 24th of September. Like the previous years, this year will also have many performances, songs and dramas, dances and speeches, everything. But this year we also have a special secret about Annual Day which we will not be announcing right now. So let's get to the summary of the recent meeting held on 12th of August. Cultural Committee - Arshi, SimrAn, Niharika, Gargi, Yashi, Kaikeyi, Harsha, Deirdre, Mahek, Urvashi, Oisheeki, Lora. Interested participants to contact Alisha, event coordinator in class 8C. Auditions on 19th August. Food Committe - Qutub, Waheeda, Enakshi, Rahman, Tanya, Yanista, Ira, Aryan. Students interested to contact Sunil, food committee incharge in class 10E. Decoration Committee - Alia, Shraddha, Deepika, Priyanka, Parineeti, Kriti, Rithwik, Ishita, Ranvir, Shritama. Conatct Ananya, Head of Decoration in class 9A by 16th August. So, thank you and that is about it. Today, is the 13th of August, so you have to get everything reacy by the 10th os September. Some 20 days you guys have, and everything need sto be perfect. Auditions and interested people all to be ready by the 20th of August. Also, final committees should also be formed. Thank you.
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