In this assignment I will address three main issues in relation to assessing new students for language, literacy and numeracy support in my workplace. I will address the three parts of the task separately, firstly providing discourse regarding my teaching environment, the general nature of students at the TAFE campus, and the specific assessment of a particular student. I will relate this to the literature.

Secondly I will describe, and provide examples of, an individual programme I have developed for that specific student which includes my own evaluation of the student’s progress. Lastly, I will write a reflective essay about my own learning from the process

Part One - Context
Teaching context
I am a Lecturer at TAFE, Western Australia. I work in the Finance area and specialise in Banking and Finance subjects. Our college is located close to the city centre and therefore draws students from a wide variety of suburbs across the metropolitan area, many of whom were born overseas, but we also have a large number of international students who mostly speak English as a second language. We also deliver online units to students located in the metropolitan area, in the country, in other states and overseas. In addition to my lecturing load I spend approximately 20 hours per week assessing trainees and work-based students at their place of work in the metropolitan area and in a regional centre.

Student Demographics
Our campus has a student population of approximately 30,000, of which 31.3% were born overseas, although it is relevant to note that some 9,000 did not have a country of birth recorded. Many students are refugees. Students are both male and female and of varying age, although in my portfolio the prevalence is in the 18 – 25 age group. Most of the students I see are hoping to obtain work in banks here in Australia. 

When I discuss future employment prospects for the students with contacts I have within the financial...