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Rural merchants are keeping alive India's rich, artistic heritage, however the author of the report claims that their people and these artisans live-in poverty unpleasant dwelling and operating conditions. Handicraft and handloom workers contribute a substantial number of foreign currency for the economy, but rarely earn an income wage. The reason why for this contain slack need and financial control of moneylenders but in addition, merchants have no usage of perhaps the latest industry trends, or cash and practices, innovative ideas, infrastructure. There's a need to renovate the segment, with stress being placed on spending a suitable income to the skilled workers.This document is actually a trial study of Gujarat from 2007-2009, and neighborhoods in West Bengal, Orissa, Meghalaya Kerala; it shows several of the standard challenges facing common artists and handloom workers and examines the handicraft workers' operating conditions. The author starts by evaluating the present styles of the handicraft and handloom manufacturing business, which will be being confronted by machine made products. Subsequently the document profiles rural workers' circumstances in different communities. According to the paper, might problems facing rural artists include: rise in opposition from China insufficient easy to lender credit, crime of the, and lax quality control.The author makes the next guidelines: strengthen work circumstances with state-supported procedures increase wages, and apply minimal expectations and security precautions of care and health measures. This report found that all knowledgeable workers who had access to capital do perfectly and providing to some rising demand for their goods.
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the hand loom sector has been continuously denied public funds.An analysis of budgetary allocations since 1997-98 shows that the handloom sector funding has not kept up with the costs of production and inflationary.
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This becoming tougher for the cotton hand loomers the market which they are producing is decreasing day by by day and they are lose the ready made industries are developing and these workers have no more work to do and also cottages are not helpful these days machines do the work instead of humans and these hand loom workers are in real trouble  the funds at least help them but now the government has denied them they are in poverty and may be they may fall in debt trap which makes them even more poorer then ever .Their lives are in misery now though the textile production is increasing day by day .

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