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Laws. What are those? These are things that we all know yet, seldom follow. 

What is actually the definition of law : Laws are a set of rules and regulations set by the government which everyone has to follow.

What is the purpose of laws? Why they were even created? Laws were made so that the evils which exist in the society, state and nation may be rubbed off. They were created for the welfare of people. Suppose, in the past, people used to give the girls to marriage when they were still kid; but, after the law which made polygamy illegal was produced, the rate of child marriage gradually decreased. 

All is well, then where's the problem? The example which I mentioned above, sure did decrease the rate of the problem. Well, but, the law did not stop child marriage, did it? So, that's the problem even though laws can make problems slow down but can't solve it for once and all. 

Where does the solution lie? : Then, what could be done to enforce laws much more effectively? There's always a solution to every problem. Let's talk about the example again: the law (which says, polygamy is illegal) did not prove itself effective on child marriage even though it is still now regarded as illegal in our country. But, it did also make some people realize that child marriage is not really good for the kids, thats it. Laws can only be effective if people also understand the problem. So, in my opinion, laws alone cannot curb social evils, social awareness is also needed to change the mindset of the people and make laws active.
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