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The main hero of the story is Sher Singh - a small boy living with his a couple year younger brother. In the story, we find out that Sher's brother is suffering from stomach ache and high fever. 

Unfortunately, younger brother's fever gets worse and Sher is worried that something bad might happen to him. The problem is that his mother seems to have lost her hope already. She say that taking the young one to the hospital in Kalaghat - 50 miles away from their village (Ladwani). Sher decides to take the risk and takes his brother on a journey by night through the jungle. 

On they way, they face different obstacles, like a cobra or an elephant, they are also forced to endure a hard trial while crossing an overflooded river. Thankfully, they reach the hospital at last. However, Sher, having no money on him, is forced to work at railyard to pay for his brother's treatment.

Next time he's at the hospital, the doctor recognizes his determination as well as bravery and calls him Sher Singh Bahadur for that. Then, he says that his brother is ok and will live in good health. 
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