You are right this is the main problem faced in our country also. In developing countries people will not be knowing about the importance of education and they will spend their child hood days by working . no one is coming forward to tell the importance of education. so they will not have any opportunities and money so they are facing lack of problems and poverty.

Well yes looks like its one of the biggest problem faced by all the developing and developed countries

I live in India where the we have the biggest same problem

Our country has a lot of money by which we can face this problem easily but this money is not coming out from ministers , buissnessman , temples and etc.

For examples in our country we have one of the most richest person in the world Mukash AmbaniĀ 

And the richest god known as the lord balaji in tirupati

and all other minister s sitting in there villa and eating money.

Well we cant do any thing now we are currently kids