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The life of a poor farmer is different from a rich farm by the following ways -
 the poor farmer will use modern methods of farming and irrigation like drip irrigation it is the most expensive method but also the commonly used method it saves time and water too but the poor farmer can't organize this much of money . The rich farmer will buy seeds of good quality and original but the poor farmer will buy seeds of normal rate 
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The life of a poor landless farmer is different from that of a rich farmer in following ways :-

1) The rich farmer can cultivate his own land but the poor farmer has to cultivate on someone else's land on rent.
2) The rich farmer can cultivate with modern and productivity increasing method while the poor farmer will use old and less productivity methods.
3) The rich farmers can protect their crops by using fertilizers and pesticides while poor farmers can not afford these things.
4) Rich farmers are able to cultivate their crops fast and with more neatness by using machines while poor farmers can not.

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