Sher singh was a 12 years old boy.He lived in a jungle.he had already lost many of his siblings due to cholera,influenza and all such diseases.His only left younger brother was suffering frm a severe stomach ache.No homely remedies were working on him....the only solution was to take him to the hospital which was far away from his hut in the jungle.but he had to perform this whole action in the same night.So he started his his journey he came across many adventures like-he had to cross a flooded last he reached the hospital but was not in the condition to stand after facing so many huddles in his path.....thus he was given the name Sher Singh Bahadur .....coz his love for his younger brother had made him cross some of the most dangerous hauddles that a common person could have ever thought of................hope i helped u!!:)
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The theme of journey by night is the COURAGE of Sher Singh . He was brave and courageous .He was having the courage to take his brother ,Kunwar from Laldwani to the hospital for treatment because he was ill and dieing . The other theme is the FRATERNAL LOVE i.e his love for his brother expressed by him. FEAR is the one of the theme as Sher Singh had the fear of seeing his brother dieing and also the STRUGGLE OF LIFE.
This story is really motivating as this story is giving a good example for phrase"TRY TRY BUT DON'T CRY ".
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