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I cannot make a drawing and give you. However, I can suggest a scheme and outline for the drawing.

The drawing/sketch/illustration is to show that Pandit D Upadhyaya had advocated for indigenous economics and administration models.  If you sketch some thing to demonstrate some of the following ideas/principles that he firmly believed, it will be appropriate.  You could have a drawing with more than one sketches side by side.

1. Small units & manufacture by the masses for the masses...  Opportunities for Enterpreneurship.

2.  Land ownership by people rather than by the state.

3.  A National sector with Public sector - private sector Partnership.  Against total corporatization and centralization.

4.  Economic freedom to the people and the right to work.

5.  Against the Five year planning system.

6. Self-reliance in food production and other materials and services.

7.  Secular state and united state,  with decentralized power.

8. Against Capitalists making a lot of profits beyond Dharma

9.  Wanted Dharma be the guiding principle for the state

10.  Wanted socialistic approach with some changes

11. Technology adapted to suite local requirements

12. Advocate of self-governance

13.  Principled honest administration and fearlessness to oppose
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