n India, people of Hindu religion denotes cow as “cow is our mother”. It is very useful and domestic animal. It is gives us milk, a very healthy, nutritious and complete food. It is found in almost every countries of the world. Cow’s milk is very healthy, nutritious and useful for all members of the family. We drink cow’s milk on daily basis to keep our health good. It is told by the doctors to patients to drink cow milk. It is considered that cow milk is good, healthy and easily digestible food for the newly born babies. It is very gentle animal by nature. It has a large body, four legs, one long tail, two horns, two ears, one mouth, one big nose and one head.
Cow is a very useful animal.It gives us many useful things like milk.It's waste is also used as a fertilizer.we also eat cow's meat.It an be found even on the road.They are also used in bullock carts.We should be thankful to cow.