For doing any calculation, we need maths. We can understand the concepts of physics with the help of maths. To solve any quantitative problem in physics, we need maths. Maths is a inseparable part of physics. Physics can't be there without maths. 

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Physics is the understanding of properties of nature, various phenomena.  The matter, elements, that are  around us exist in different states and have properties. 

These properties are expressed often in physical quantities, like  volume, pressure,  size, color, mass, density, speed, acceleration, force, momentum, electric field, magnetic strength, resistance etc.

These physical quantities are related by various laws.  These relations are expressed by mathematical formulas.  The various behaviours of solids, liquids, gases are all inter-related.  

In a practical problem  these relations are expressed in terms of  unknown variables.  Then they are solved to get their values.

Science is all about being objective, rational, quantitative, precise...  For being quantitative and precise ,  we need mathematics.

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