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According to most predictive models, global warming will affect arid lands through temperature increase and rainfall decrease all over the world.Increased temperatures lead to increased evaporation and more severe scarcity of water.Any increase of these maximum temperatures will directly lead to irremediable vegetation loss.
Temperature affects vegetation because if it is too cold (less than 6°C), few plants can grow. On the other hand, warm temperatures (above 20°C) allow plant growth.
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temperature affect the natural vegetation as if the temperature is higher than the maximum value the plants will be damage bcoz of the high temperature and if the temperature is less the plants will can not grow................and the rainfall  effect the natural vegetation as if the the rainfall is very high the plant's root can not take the oxygen and carbondioxide and if the rainfall is less the plant can not grow
so temperature and rainfall both are important for the growth of the plant ..............but in a approprite manner..........................

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