My Lost Dollar by Stephen Leacock is a humourous story which tells us about the various strategies applied by the author to retrieve a dollar lent to a friend but all these remain unsuccessful.There is no plot in the story. It is only a lamentation of the narrator over his lost dollar. A person who borrows money often forgets all about it but the lender does not. The title of the story is quite appropriate as the entire story revolves around a particular dollar the narrator has lost. The circumstance of borrowing here is perfectly natural- his friend Todd leaving for Bermuda has to pay a taxi and he finds that he does not have change. The narrator comes to his rescue by lending him a dollar and he even asks whether it was sufficient. Little does he know that it is the last time that he had seen the dollar. When Todd returns from Bermuda the dollar had been forgotten by him. Even after repeated clues to remind him of the loan like referring to the American Dollar or the cost of the trip, the narrator fails to rouse his memory.The narrator loses hope of ever getting his dollar back. However he is quick to clarify that he bears Todd no grudge and the matter would not affect their friendship. There are other people who have borrowed from him and forgotten and he decides to simply add Todd’s name to the list of borrowers.Then a new thought begins to haunt the narrator’s mind. He thinks that if other men have forgotten about the money that he has lent them then it was possible that he himself might have borrowed money from others and forgotten about it. He knows that once he forgets to pay someone then he might never pay him all his life.

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