Two centuries of colonialism has profound impact on our lives. It has impacted both cultural and political life in our country. 
Impact of colonialism on culture-
1. English education has impacted our education system. Now it has become a lingua-franca in every field.Its impact can been seen in our communication, job interviews packaging, advertisements and almost all sphere of our life.
2. Class and caste and religion bias and divide: Colonialism has widen the rift between classes, caste. Policy of divide and rule resulted in religious division in our society.
3. Urbanisation and Industrialization: It divided society into rural and urban, which started during colonial rule.
4. Likeness toward white skin: Years of colonial rule lead to misconception of white/ fair skin is better. For example we see a race in skin whitening products.
5. Salutations and greetings: Children's now prefer good morning, good evening, hi , bye etc instead of namaste, alwida etc

Impact of colonialism on Indian Politics:
1. Parliamentary type of government
2. Bicameralism
3. All India Services
4. Separate Rail and general budget
5. Multi Party System
6. Universal Franchise
7. Indian Penal code (IPC) and Criminal procedure code (CrPC)