Anne Sullivan came into Helen's life when Helen was seven years old . Anne's arrival was the most important day in Helen's life because she had come to teach her and more than anything else,to love her.she proved strong crutches for Helen her constant support and undying encouragement made Helen kiss success. Helen was in the world which she could not see,hear nor understand. Miss Sullivan  worked hard and succeeded in showing her moody pupil the right way to communicate with the outside world. being blind herself she knew how ruthless and torturing life she had to pass. she was able to understand Helen's mental state and her yearning to achieve what was considered impossible.
                    Miss Sullivan was the embodiment of love and patience.these qualities helped her to deal rebellious and active child in an efficient manner.
she was pillar of support but instilled the passion to be independent in Helen. this way she proved to be a true teacher.Sullivan was Helen's mentor,teacher,constant companion and role model.she presented herself as a loving mother and worked out last even when Helen was dead she was made to near bed were Sullivan breathed her last in 1936.

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