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A) Unlike other planets this planet is able to sustain life is because the greenhouse effect has maintained the temperatures within a manageable limit.
(b) The greenhouse effect also helped maintain the water balance in all the spheres of this planet.
(c) The greenhouse effect has helped in restricting the polar caps in Polar Regions only.
(d)Increase in greenhouse gas may also lead to melting of northern ice regions to thaw and thus make it habitable.
(e)Due to the greenhouse effect and an increase in the moisture level in atmosphere, rainfall is possible in regions where it was un-imaginable before.
(f)Agriculture is now possible in regions which are primarily arid or semi-arid zones and better agricultural practices where cropping is completely dependent upon rain water harvesting.
(g)The overall greenhouse effect also in a way helps in extending the growing season of crops and so many crop products or vegetables are now available beyond season.
(h)Both growing and flowering in plants are completely temperature dependent and thus with prevailing average temperature along with the presence of humidity in high percentile help plants to grow and yield better than before.

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The "greenhouse effect" keeps Earth warm enough for us to live and grow food. But too much would be bad. 

Some gases ("greenhouse gases") let sunlight in, which warms the Earth, and then block that heat from leaving. That's the "greenhouse effect", and it's a natural thing, mostly caused by water vapor. 

Man is making excessive amounts of greenhouse gases, mostly by burning fossil fuels. That causes the delicate natural balance to go out of whack and the Earth warms. That's global warming. 

It won't be a Hollywood style disaster. Gradually coastal areas will flood and agriculture will be damaged. But it will be very bad. Rich countries will cope, but it will take huge amounts of money. In poor countries many people will die of starvation, but not all of them. 

Most scientists say, in 20-50 years. But we need to start right now to fix it, fixing it will take even longer than that.  thank you