Uring the stone ages, the communication was in its initial development stages. There were nolanguages, resultantly little communication processes were followed by humans. The swiftdevelopment of the human abilities made way for the development of communication and humansociety. Humans started using signs and non-verbal communication to communicate with fellowhumans. During this period, communication methods such as runners, birds, arrows, smokes andshouting were used to communicate. As humans become more and more organized, different kinds of languages and communication methods were developed.Development of Human Society during Communication RevolutionThe next major development after the invention writing, alphabet and paper was the discovery of printed text in Europe in the late 1500s. Before this discovery, the humans could only produce asingle document at a time, but now they could easily produce printed documents at mass level.This discovery also made way for the mass communication and mass-production of newspapers.In the nineteenth century, a series of technological innovations powerfully changed the wayhumans communicated with each other. This period is called “Era ofCommunicationRevolution” by historians. New means of communication increased the pace of life