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You can write that from which site or with the help of which application you have made your project.
You can also write about what your project is about but not like index. You have to write in a paragraph which would show that what you have done in your whole project.

You should write it like a short summary of your project.

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One of the great things about Java is that all of the basic data types are objects. Integers are objects, floating point numbers are objects, lists are objects, everything. In Java that is not the case. In Java some of the most basic data types like integers and floating point numbers are not objects. The benefit of having these primitive data types be non-objects is that operations on the primitives are fast. The problem is that it became difficult for programmers to combine objects and non-objects in the way that we do in Python. So, eventually all the non-object primitives ended up with Objectified versions.
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