Wisdom is strength
Once there lived a lion in the forest. He was the king of the animals. He killed many animals. The animals were in terror. They held a meeting. An old hare stood up. He was wise. He brought forth a plan. All the animals went to the lion. The animals told him that they would send one animal every day. The lion agreed. One day, it was the hare's turn. He reached the lion late. The lion was angry. He asked the hare why he was late. The hare said that another lion had held him on the way. The lion told him to show the other lion. The hare led him to a deep well. The lion looked into the well and saw his own image in the water. He took his image for another lion. He at once jumped into the well and died. The animals lived happily after that.

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can it help you?
i want to write this story in figurative language. i have stories but dnt know how to use figurative language. pls help. thanks.
figurative language is language in which you write story with pictures
hope it helps u both
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True wisdom is not when we judge or ridicule one another
as none of us are better than one another

true wisdom is not all the facts that you think you know
every time you open your mouth for the entire world to show

true wisdom is not your version and the opinions you convey
but rather tolerance acceptance and understanding is the way

true wisdom is usually conspicuous through silent interaction
and show by the deeds that you continually put into action
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