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INTERNETAh, it may seem a very long word. But, actually, in my opinion, it's too short to describe such a vast thing. 

Internet is set of a electric currents/waves or signals which provides us access to the World Wide Web (WWW) that is stuffed with a million, trillion, brigillion websites or webpages. 
Simply, Internet is the entire world of WWW.

Really, what's the use of it? Internet, why it is so popular???
Internet, nowadays, it is a blast!!! What are it's contents? It is only made up of websites and webpages. "Internet is knowledge" - is a undeniable statement. Yes, it is. Internet is everything, everything is present there. You want information of any kind, just search it on google or other any search engine, you will get hundreds of sites containing the type of information you want. Information present on the Internet can exist in many different forms : be it text, sound, video. Internet is the open world. Information is continuously changing and being updated. Internet crosses the limit of the vast sky. There are millions of info on the web - such a vast world, it will be no exaggeration to compare it to the sky. 

Internet, boon for children:
Internet is extremely good for children, especially. Whatever things they learn at school, could be learnt through Internet virtually and digitally.
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