India is back of china because the literacy rate of India is very low compare to china. we are backward from china in so many areas like our infrastructure in not developed as china's developed and poverty is very main reason of backward from china. Indian people are less literate compare to china and china have much literate person compare to India. because of illiteracy people didn't get employment which directly effects our GDP (gross domestic product). the GDP of a country is matters very much for a country. China have much more MNC'S (multi national company) compare to India. in India we have only few MNC'S which directly effect our economy so it is also one cause for India. The infrastructure of china is more stronger than India so the villages are in touch of cities which makes people knowledgeable and literate so it is also one cause. The infrastructure of India is not so developed so the village people not literate and not that much knowledgeable which effects the business of the country. these are the main cause of backward of India compare to china.