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   Students and youth are important for the future of our country.  Young children are quite a concern for their parents.  All parents would like to have their children do successfully in their studies and pursue a prosperous career after completing their studies.

   Some students take education and studies to their heart and brain.  They go for studies in a competitive manner.  Some students can't get the seriousness and complexity of studies into their brain.  They cannot hold concentration that studies need and cannot take the tension they put them through.

   These days we have the information technology, sports and entertainment are competing with education of students and are probably taking too much of their precious time.  Often they become addiction and probably imbalance their study schedules. TV is right at home and is a medium to know what happens around the world.  Often the programs are designed to attract audience through various good or not so good means.

   Watching TV becomes a habit and addiction for many who stay alone over a long duration.  Students not having a a lot of role to play in other activities and not having good companions may spend a lot of time with TV.  The impact of programs is another aspect.  But spending a lot of time watching could harm the health of the children.  The eyes get tired.  Brain cells may become dull.  One may become somewhat insensitive to real life sentiments.

   On other hand, time spent on studies is reduced.  Often student's minds drag them towards watching favourite sports matches, movies or movie stars, during their examinations.  Some students may not be very much interested in pursuing education oriented careers.  Still, completion of basic education successfully is more important than anything else.

   Doing assignments, project work and home work are more important in school days.  They put the students towards the right track.  Having good relations with near and dear is important.  Students must realize that TV is for those who have nothing much else to do and entertainment does not spoil their future.
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