Now a days there is a great fast changing trend towards the tertiary sector as it allows  to get more opportunities as comparision to our past.
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Mostly people are today joining tertiary sector because from the last many years tertiary sector is providing jobs better than the other two sectors...

There are two main reasons many people prefer working in tertiary industries: pay and the appeal of the work itself. Much of the work in primary and secondary industries has limited pay and limited room for advancement, and can be physically arduous or even dangerous. Even worse, given the increasing use of technology, employment in most primary and secondary sectors is either remaining flat or declining.

The tertiary sector is the one adding the greatest number of jobs. These jobs tend to be set in offices or other indoor locations, and do not involve immediate physical danger. They also have the greatest opportunities for promotion and higher wages. Although some entry-level jobs in this sector, such as food service and retail sales, pay badly and provide little scope for creativity, many other tertiary-sector jobs such as teaching, architecture, medicine, video game design, graphic arts, or writing (just to name a few) provide lifelong careers in an intellectually stimulating environment.

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