Three men in a boat is a humorous account of a trip to the river Thames fron Kingston to oxford and back. In d beginning the 3 men discuss their health problems sitting and smoking. However, it was all fake. The 3 men thought dat dey needed rest from their tiresome routine of day to day life. They decided for a river trip, this plan was rejected by Montmorency, their dog. However it the plan was carried out with3:1. After a long discussion and debate, they finally decided what to carry and what to not. Harris and J started their journey, George was to meet them in Websley lock. After they met George, they made him tow d boat. Finally, they reach Magna Charta island and had their supper in the picnic spot. The night was v beatiful, J could not sleep however due to lack of comfort. This ends the 1 term.
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