You could take something related to
*Mystery - What is Mystery?
*Leadership - List some Leadership qualities.
*An inspiring Personality - How the person inspired you?
*The changing society - What is the changing society?
*Luck - Do you believe in Luck and why?
*Women change the world - Name some great women.
*Child Labour - How can we control Child Labour?
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Their are many topics such as: mystery, adventure, hobbies, music, art and craft ,history and legend etc.
              I am going to give you the topic adventure
 what is really meant by adventure ?adventure is to do something which is difficult, dangerous and more exiting than what we do in our normal lives. adventure involves risks and excitement. some people does not like any adventures and are OK with their normal lives but some people loves to go for adventures and the reason this is that they are bored with their normal lives and wants some extra in their lives. adventurous people are always ready to face any difficulty that comes in their life and are always energetic.
what exists some people is the unknown result of the adventure.and to convert the challenge into a success is more interesting. even i am also a lover of adventure . adventurous people are loved and are respected by all. their are many ways in which one can go for adventures examples are -sky diving, rock climbing,surveys etc. even the lives of policemen and detectives are also very much adventurous. i have also decided that when i will grow up i will also lead an adventurous life.
                            related questions -1. what do you want to go for adventure when you will grow up ?
                                                        2.what inspires you to lead an adventurous life? 
                                                        3.what type of adventure do you want to do?