We need to learn history to know our past...
wow!!!! so ur trying to say u don't remember ur past great answer Mecool30
In my opinion, the major reason for studying history is to have a connection to the other people in your country.  At least, this is the only reason that I think that history should be required in schools.In order to have a society that holds together, we need to have things that we hold in common.  We need to have a common culture that binds us.  In the US today, we do not have a common religion or a common ethnic heritage.  What we do have in common is the history of the country and our knowledge of it.  When we all know what our country has stood for and been about over the years, we are able to feel that we are a part of whole and that the other parts of the whole are like us in some important way.
my friend its because its a neccesity to bore students at school so that they dont have fun