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      Education teaches us manners, techniques, skills, and culture.  We learn the ways to tackle difficulties, enables us to progress towards a better life, and to live with others in the society.  Most importantly we can get the means of living by offering services and doing jobs.  Education gives us the strength to stand independently and face enemies or competitors bravely.

     Without education we will not be complete as a human being. We will be same as animals.   In India, even now, there are many people below poverty and living in small villages.  They are not educated and they get cheated by imposters.  Education tells us to take care of our health and future needs.  Our education and experience allow us to raise our children in a better way.  Education enables a wise use of our intelligence for the benefit of society, earning money and fame.

    Education teaches us good ways of interaction with other persons in the society, good ways of living, enables us to earn our food and other basic necessities etc.  Without education one is not a complete person.  Education does not mean the only lessons learnt in an institution like a school.  Education is consists of learning what is necessary for becoming a complete person.

   Along with increasing literacy, it will be nice to have jobs in rural areas and towns.  This allows people to be with their families and they do not have to migrate to big cities.  Education of a student should not only be restricted to knowledge in the books, but it should be also practical oriented.  It must make a person to be a complete citizen with discipline that future India needs. 

    Government funds many schools for poor children and educates them to be able to live with confidence and by themselves.  Education ministry and officials try to update various policies and syllabus periodically to enable students compete with international students too.  Indian students are well known for their seriousness and good contributions in technology, science, management and administration too.

   Centuries ago education in India was meant for getting a good job with the help of kings and jameendars that ruled the people.  British modified the education system to create a number of clerical staff that obey their orders and carry out book work.  Independent India has evolved a system over last 3 decades.   Now many technocrats educated in India are able to successfully lead international organizations in high positions.

    Education is needed for all persons of all ages, whether a person is at the bottom of a company or at the top of a company.  The type and level of education differs depending on the person's needs.  I wish to be educated to a high level and reach a top social status and authoritative position.  And I hope you will also wish the same!

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