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Friends, there is a simple yet important topic that we need to know about, that is, “child labour”.

      World over the children's rights are the most abused, knowingly or unknowly.  When a minor child under 14 years of age works, we call that child labour.  It is an undesired social practice, but used to be a commonly seen everywhere.  It is unfortunate that it is still present.  India has a lot poor people and many orphans.  Children of many poor people have to work for earning auxiliary income for their families.  Around 10 lakh children in India were seen in labour in the last Census.

     Child labour problem is due to their helplessness, bonded labour or due to domination of some bad persons.  Government has introduced many strict laws against child labour.  The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 enforces it.  It tells where and how children under 14 yrs can work.  Many children are rescued from labour work and joined in children's rescue homes.  They are being helped by the government for schooling, shelter, food etc.

     There were many news reports on such rescue operations in the last decade.   Media, police  and social organization have worked very well to restrict the evil.  In fact, nowadays we observe that there not much of child labour.  Poor people are working hard to join their children in schools and not sending them to work.  In some years the problem of child labour will be eradicated totally.
  The law is helping the children to get their fundamental rights of education and freedom.  Bachpan Bacho Andolan was launched nationwide and Amitabh Bachan campaigned for it.

     I will be happy to see children enjoy their right of learning and playing.  I hope you too are happy in saying no to child labour.   I thank you all for listening to me attentively.

Questions :

1.  Why is child labour bad?
2.  What is the related Act ?
3.  What is one supposed to do when one sees a child working ?
4.  Do you think the various orphan houses and welfare schemes are working well to eliminate the child labour issue?

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