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Green Revolution
Green is my favorite color,
The color of a beautiful nature,
Looking at the lovely green fields ,
My soul really wants your shields .
 Trees all around me,
Everywhere I see,
Celebrating a great day,
For us to be happy.
The coolness I feel,
My eye shed a tear,
Hearing the sound of crickets,
Hiding under the rice fields.
Green grasses proudly showing,
Green frogs merrily croaking,
To the world of wonderful creation,
Thanks God for this green revolution.
Mother earth is smiling,
Because of our nice living,
People plant trees and help to clean,
It's now all looks green… 

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Green Revolution
The first brave buds of spring burst forth
In shades of yellow and green.
They stand sentry at my door
Like fierce mujahedin.
They expel the bear of winter.
They sneer at frightful frost.
I wouldn’t want to be the snowflake
That they chance to come across.
In the seedbed things are stirring,
germinating beneath the sod.
There’s a riotous revolution
that bespeaks the touch of God.
Flowers are like people
They can be kept down just so long.
Then solar warmth will melt the snow
And birds break into song.
The garden trees are setting buds
That soon will dominate the scene.
It is Heaven enough for now
as things bloom and grow and preen.