No, one cannot say that malls are exactly mindless construction because we can get everything at one place.We can shop,we can watch a movie and we can also have fun with our family or place.They are also great economic development of a society.It gives chances to many employees weather they are trained or not trained.
                                                                                                    But in the same way, malls are for rich and middle class people only.Poor people cannot afford that.Beggars are not even allowed to sit at the stairs of the mall.Our motto is to save more and spend less but rich people always spend their money on luxurious furnitures and vehicles.
                   So malls are useful for us as well as useless also.
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No I do not think that malls are mindless constructions as they help us a lot they make up a thing like market as mall contains a lot of shops and it is very useful place because in mall there are a lot of shops and in market is is to hot and we have to find find and find then we will get the shop but in mall we can find easily and there is fully a.c. And when we do not get shops we can ask the staffs there.

hope that it is enough and it helps........