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1. C is procedural language.
2. C is a high level language.  It also has features of low level languages.
3.  C language has control flow statements:  There are three types.
      Sequential flow statements,  iterative (loop) statements,  and  case (switch) statements.

4.  There are functions (methods or procedures) which take parameters and return a value.
5.  Most important feature is pointers..  We can use address of functions, and data items.
6.  Global data is accessible from any function.  Data declared in a function has scope only within the function.
7.  There is a function called:  main() which is the starting point of execution of a program.
8.  C language is designed to have features towards scientific applications.
9.  C language compilers as well as interpreters also exist.  ANSI Standard C language is a machine independent language.  The compilers take care of machine dependency.

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